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Wholesale Seafood

Mariscos Cordal SL is a company of a family nature, was founded in November 1987 by the brothers Constantino and Antonio Cordal Trigo.

Initially, the activity of Mariscos Cordal SL was directed to the distribution and sales to wholesalers and scrubbers, evolving this entrepreneurship to what it is now the main activity of the company: the wholesale of seafood and fish, for this we have a modern plant of molluscs, located in the Ría De Arousa (O Facho, Castrelo – Cambados); facilities recently renovated and adapted to the health regulations and that they have the most modern technology for the purification, conservation and packaging of our products.
Scrubbers Containers with products

The daily target of Mariscos Cordal SL is the satisfaction of our customers, for this work both to improve the service as to offer the best Galician products.

Quality is our commitment

Mariscos Cordal SL, is a center that account with the authorization N.R.S. 12.05391/PO for the purification and dispatch of bivalve molluscs for subsequent placing on the market.

Complying with the relevant food legislation, and also with our commitment to quality, Mariscos Cordal SL has a system of safety management developed in a manual of "Analysis of Dangers and critical control points" based on the identification of the specific hazards, that is, in the identification of any property biological, chemical or physical likely to affect the safety or quality of the product, and the determination of the appropriate measures to ensure its control from the stage of reception until the sale and distribution of the product.
Products ready for delivery Following quality processes

As recognition to our commitment to quality, Mariscos Cordal SL account from the April 13 in 2009 with the certification of the mark "PescadeRias ¿de onde senón?®" driven by the Xunta de Galicia, mark guaranteeing both the origin as the quality of the products of Galicia.

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