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We offer a variety of bivalves

Mariscos Cordal SL is a company specialized in the marketing of bivalve molluscs from the estuaries of Galicia, all of them selected after passing a rigorous quality control; we can highlight the following:

CockleCOCKLE (Cerastoderma Edule) ⇒
Clam⇐ CLAM (Venerupis pullastra)
ClamCLAM (Ruditapes Decussatus) ⇒
Clam⇐ CLAM (Ruditapes Philippinarum)
ClamCLAM (Tapes Rhomboideus) ⇒
Clam⇐ CLAM (Spisula Solida)
Hardshell clamHARDSHELL CLAM (Venus Verrucosa) ⇒
Razor⇐ RAZOR (Ensis Siliqua)
RazorRAZOR (Ensis Ensis) ⇒
Mussel⇐ MUSSEL (Mytilus Galloprovincialis)
AlmondALMOND (Glycymeris Glycymeris) ⇒

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